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The Club Iron Checklist

Who’s it for?

This program is for anyone needing strength, symmetry and skill through exercise. It can be used when losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining weight. I don’t worry about switching my approach when I switch my goal. This program will adjust to me over time. I don’t waste any time searching for something more “optimal”. It works best for those who already enjoy going to the gym. If you hate lifting and you’re looking for something to get you off the couch, this isn’t the program for you. If you exercise 2 to 6 days a week and want to optimise your efforts without it affecting everything outside the gym, this is the answer.

How do I start?

Go to “set-up” and check all the boxes that relate to you. Check how many days you wish to train and check all the boxes that apply to your goal. The program runs best when training 5 days a week and all boxes are checked in the “program overview” section.

1RM-You want to be strong at lifting something extremely heavy for 1 rep (think powerlifting)

For Volume-You want to be strong and need a progression method that keeps you healthy

Size/Shape-You want the best looking physique possible and willing to include accessories

OHP & Row-You want to progress more than just squat, bench and deadlift compound exercises

Accessories-You wish to include a few extra, loaded exercises that might not be in the program


Strength assessment

You’ll see 25 exercises. 5 for bigger, compound exercises and 20 accessories. I need you to go to the gym, choose the exercises you wish to use and perform a test set for each one. This will be your baseline. Feel free to take your time, I suggest taking one week as it sets up the next 4 weeks of training. Log the weight you used and however many reps achieved with near perfect form (most accurate if you stick within 5-15 reps). Once you have all your AMRAPS (as many reps as possible) it’s time to log an estimated max between two calculations, you’ll get better at setting your maxes as you run the program. If the prescription is ever too heavy or light, feel free to adjust the set-up at any time. Eventually you’ll have the perfect weight target on every lift.

Once you have all your Maxes in the 1RM section and you’ve chosen all your favorite exercise, it’s time for the 4 week training block.

You’ll see a bunch of lifting targets each week. All that matters is you finish one week before moving on to the next. It’s not uncommon for someone to finish a week of the program in 10 days or even 2. There’s a recommended schedule for each lift based on how many days a week you wish to train but the program could be ran without it. Just go to the gym and start checking off exercises you wish to do that day. It’ll automatically add everything up and keep you on point.

How long can I run it?

For as long as you want. The program makes you re-test maxes every four weeks so once you’re done with one block, input the maxes and start week 1 again.

What changes should I make if I want to lose weight/gain weight?

No changes are needed. Your diet and cardio will be much more important for this. If you’re not eating enough, it’ll show when you re-test and the following four weeks will adjust to your lighter physique. I promise this type of progression can keep as much strength and muscle as possible if you stay healthy and never perform ugly reps.

How/What should I eat when using it?

I’m sold on flexible dieting and counting my macros (macronutrients) in combination with this program it’s helped me reach my best physique yet and I didn’t have to give up any of my favorite foods to do it. You can get your macro target off any calorie counter website or app like myfitnesspal but treat it as a baseline. Once you know how much protein, carbs and fat you need, put it in the nutrition sheet and use the daily bodyweight log to track your progress. Adjust your nutrition based off a weekly body weight average and NEVER because of one weigh in. Feel free to hit all the targets in the sheet to optimise progress (meal timing, vitamins ect.) if you’d like to be coached I usually have a few spots on my roster if you’re willing to become a consistent client of mine online.

How can I ask for help during this program?

Easy with Google Sheets. Just email me at with a clear question. You’ll always have my help when using this spreadsheet. At anytime, I can jump in and fix any issues with the spreadsheet or prescribe a better approach for you specifically. I check my email twice a day. Once at 2pm and again at 6pm Pacific time. Give up to 24 hours for a response.

Will there be new versions in the future?

I’m constantly updating the program as I stay current with all the resources used to design this program. At any point (preferably after you finish a block of training) you may ask for an updated version. If I’ve made any changes, I’ll send you the new spreadsheet and explain any changes.